Cold Hydraulic manual Press Juicer preserves all the precious healing enzymes and nutrients, which are for the purists amongst the juicers and are often overlooked unconventional juicers, which deliver both superb quality and volumes of juices

1.pulp Is Bone Dry: After pressing, the pulp is bone dry. Users are happy with the high juice yield, getting every possible drop from the pulp.
2.High Juice Quality: The method of juice extraction by hydraulic pressing allows almost no mixing of air with the juices. This minimizes oxidation of the juices, preventing it from spoiling quickly. The juice has no foam, highly concentrated, rich in its natural color, tastes very sweet and is highly satisfying. Exactly how fresh juices should be!
3.Using the press is easy and fast. Tighten the screw at the bottom, then pump the jack handle a few times to raise the drip tray to the press plate. Once the press plate touch the bag, juice begins to flow and drip into the collecting bowl (not provided) without any effort at all.
4.Manual Valve to release pressure
5.Easy to Clean

Weight: 17Kgs

manual hydraulic cold juice presser

manual juicer press tray and handle

hydraulic cold masticating juice presser

hydraulic manual cold juice presser packing

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